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Real Estate "Out of tune",
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11th July 2012


drinking coffee and sunset

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11th July 2012

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like a movie with Ellen Page directed by Sam Mendes. 

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10th July 2012

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Autumn comes slowly in New Orleans. The grass remains a stubborn green, but the heat gives way to a gentle warmth. Pursy did begin to catch on in school. She was surprised. We weren’t. Winter arrived before we realized the sunlit hours of summer had waned. So now the wine began to outlast the day and that was more than anyone could’ve asked for. ”

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6th July 2012

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Months ago,something like 2Am, silence all around. 
I was in the kitchen, an open window in front of me.
I listened to this song for the first time and it just blew my mind. then I wrote a short story based on the image of some people on an island amazed by the beauty of the music of an orchestra of violins. 

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6th July 2012

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One day I’ll be a better writer.
I’ll make every face 
That I’ll never perfectly phrase

I sigh and then I frown.
I write this moment down, 
'Cause I cannot paint pictures with my tongue”

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5th July 2012

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First Aid Kit in the streets of Paris: Love.

remembering their concert in Milan in may this year, amazing voices, amazing music, great after show with them signing posters and take photos with the fans . 

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4th July 2012

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sometime you think that you’ve written too many words, you hate a lot of your words. all seems unnecessary. then you write the right thing, all seems brighter now. and you think again you’ve written a lot of words but most of them are great. the worst happens when you realize that yes, you’ve some great passages but most of them probably aren’t necessary. when you realize that some of your words are great and that all the effort is a part of your growth so, that’s the best thought possible. 

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2nd July 2012

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21st June 2012

Photo The Tallest Man On Earth “To Just Grow Away”
BE YOUTH. The Tallest Man On Earth “To Just Grow Away”


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16th June 2012

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Don’t stop, Isn’t it funny how you shine

Don’t stop, Isn’t it funny how you shine

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